AdNet Telecom Continues its Evolution

AdNet Telecom Continues its Evolution, Developing New Telecom Solutions for Medium and Small Enterprises


January 25, 2012 — AdNet Telecom is a company with a spectacular evolution. After operating for only five years, it has become one of the most active, innovative and profitable players in the Romanian telecommunications market. The company has entered a new stage in its development, changing its legal form to a joint stock company and receiving first place in “Top Profit Romania 2011” in district 2- Bucharest, within the Telecommunications Field. The entire growth of this business was based on the efforts made by the company: diversity of services, infrastructure development, international partnerships and superior quality control, brought together under the vision of a well-focused customer service policy.

AdNet Telecom has shown that it is not wasting time when it comes to meeting its clients’ demands in services, systems and solutions.

In order to serve its clients, especially medium and small enterprises, AdNet Telecom has recently developed and implemented AdNetProtect, a traffic monitoring and cleaning service for DOS/DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. In addition, for less common types of attacks, customers can receive special assistance from an AdNet Telecom security specialist, who will analyze their traffic log and implement protective measures on his own platform, or recommend to the customer the appropriate measures to minimize the effects of the attack.

Turning to infrastructure, AdNet Telecom upgraded its backbone network to reach a capacity of 260 Gbps. Starting from November 2011, AdNet Telecom increased the capacity contracted with its tier 1 partner Ancotel (Frankfurt, Germany).

In early 2011, the company launched AdNetTV, an IPTV service with national coverage that delivers digital content directly to TV using a Set-Top-Box, which is connected to its own data network. This solution extends the concept of TV to include high levels of interaction, personalization and control for users. AdNetTV is an interactive television experience which brings the audience any multimedia content they want.

Subsequently, a new service was developed and offered to AdNet Telecom customers: AdNet Hosted Unified Communications (UC) - the perfect solution by which AdNet Telecom provides the following services to medium and small enterprises: integrated telephony, conferencing, fax and messaging, based on VOIP technology. UC represents a new technological architecture, in which communication methods are integrated to bridge the gap between VOIP and other information technologies.

All these efforts resulted in an exponential increase in the number of customers and a 55% increase in turnover.

“I knew right from the beginning that the success of our company would depend on having an impeccable reputation. The professional attitude, quality of our services and respect that we offer to our partners, whether they are customers or suppliers, gave rise to this growth and the transition of our company to a higher level. We know that we are on the right track!” says Liviu Tanase, COO, AdNet Telecom.

“We conducted a customer satisfaction survey in September last year and we really appreciate the feedback we received, ranking AdNet as providing ‘the best telecommunication services’. The growth in value of this company and its success in the eyes of our customers demonstrate that AdNet Telecom manages to find the right answers to the demands of our time,” declared Amira Radulescu, Marketing & PR Manager.