DNA Spectrum Helps you Uncover your Genetic Roots

The newest personal genetics company uses autosomal DNA testing to provide the most affordable and intuitive method for discovering your ethnic origins.


January 24, 2012—We all ask the question: Where do I come from? The new company DNA Spectrum combines the latest in genetic analysis with advanced statistics to help you answer that question, and understand its meaning.

In this digital age of consumer genetics, the process couldn’t be simpler: order one of three kits ($99 to $299) on dnaspectrum.com, wait for the package to come in the mail, swipe the inside of your cheek with the provided cotton swab, and send the sample to a DNA Spectrum laboratory for analysis.

While most genetic testing sites, such as Ancestry.com and 23andMe, use mitochondrial or Y chromosome analyses—which test the mother’s or the father’s line respectively—DNA Spectrum applies the newest autosomal DNA testing to give clients the whole picture of their background.

“Imagine an upside down pyramid,” says company CEO Paul Yates. “With the mitochondrial and Y chromosome DNA, you just get the very right or the very left side, while the whole middle is a complete unknown.” By contrast, autosomal DNA tests—the standard used by law enforcement and the FBI—trace genes from both parents’ complete ancestry to fill in the blanks.

DNA Spectrum was born out of the passion of Paul’s father, Dr. Donald N. Yates, who became interested in genealogy and genetics after learning the secrets to his own heritage. Dr. Yates, who heads DNA Spectrum’s research team, discovered that his great grandmother was Cherokee Indian. Next, he found out he was Jewish. Thanks to rapid technological advances in genetic testing, today’s customers can gain these same revelations in the span of about two weeks.

“Most people are more mixed than they believe,” Dr. Yates says. “It’s very satisfying to help people connect—to help them find their Jewish ancestry, their Native American ancestry, and in some cases, help them fulfill a dream that they’ve had all their lives.”

In examining client DNA, the company zeroes in on 16 special genetic markers, which are compared with samples from more than 400 world populations and nearly 120,000 individuals. After a process of advanced statistical analysis, the data is compiled into a reader-friendly report that shows one’s rate of relatedness to various ethnicities and world regions. Clients can also opt for an ancestral migration map for a unique visual way to understand their heritage among moving world populations.

“Instead of getting a six-page term paper with lots of numbers and code, we can really tell people in simple one-page certificates or with a world map the answers to their questions,” Paul says.

In a country of immigrants like the United States, this knowledge is especially important, he adds. “Having the power to understand where you came from can give you the best of both worlds. You can be a self-identifying individual and still belong to a group or culture.”


About DNA Spectrum

DNA Spectrum was founded with the goal of delivering cutting edge genetic science in a format that is easy to understand and meaningful. Using autosomal DNA analysis and a database of more than 400 world populations, DNA Spectrum offers the most comprehensive genetic ancestry test available, with the clearest presentation. For more information or to order a kit, please visit dnaspectrum.com.

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