What’s Your Story? DNA Spectrum Unlocks the Past through Genetic Ancestry

January 23, 2012—Inside each of us hides an ancient story, enacted over generations and across continents, born out of a simple relationship: we are our parent’s children. Though these relationships may be obscured across time and space, they remain a living artifact within our DNA, latent but available—if only we are willing to look.

With just a simple swab of your cheek cells, DNA Spectrum offers you the opportunity to understand your story. Using cutting-edge genetic science and statistical analysis, DNA Spectrum presents your genetic ancestry in a format that is easy to understand and meaningful to you and your family.

“America is a nation of emigrants,” says DNA Spectrum research head Dr. Donald Yates. “Even with the resurgence of interest in genealogy, most do not know their family history for certain beyond their grandparents. Some do not know that. One in eight American families has an adoption in the past two generations, and many may know one parent but not the other.” Now, DNA Spectrum offers people the opportunity to uncover the truth about their ancestry.

DNASpectrum achieves its 99.99% rate of accuracy by examining autosomal DNA—which looks at genes passed down from your entire family tree, not just maternal or paternal lineages. Every person has a 16-marker genetic profile that is unique to them. Once your genetic markers are determined, they are compared against a database containing the profiles of 115,000 forensic study subjects from 400 populations around the world. Every test comes with a reader-friendly profile report and ethnicity certificate, with options for an exclusive DNA ID card, which clearly displays your 16 markers, as well as a premium atlas of spectrum similarity - an artistic rendering of your genes’ migration across the globe.

What story do you want to know? DNA Spectrum offers three packages—Basic, Comprehensive, and Full Spectrum Plus. DNA collection is noninvasive—a simple cotton swab on the inside of your cheek—easy to complete and quick to process. Just over a week after mailing your prepaid envelope back to DNA Spectrum, your story will arrive on your doorstop, with digital results available online even sooner.

Your DNA is your DNA.  DNA Spectrum upholds the most stringent privacy policy. Your results can only be viewed by you and anyone you explicitly share them with. After three months storage, any samples remaining in the laboratories are destroyed.


About DNA Spectrum

Using cutting-edge genetic science, DNA Spectrum seeks to answer the most basic human question—Where am I from?—in a way that is accurate, reliable and, most importantly, meaningful. With more than 10 years of experience in DNA research and a Ph.D. in classical studies, Dr. Donald Yates elevates his technological expertise by combining science and statistics with an artistic sensibility grounded in the humanities. Dr. Yates works alongside his son, Paul Yates, who serves as DNA Spectrum’s CEO.

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