•       We built an entire online insurance agency with Ben Gen. Together we also developed our highly advanced insurance technology platform VIA.
    Antonio Machado, CEO, Guiding Star Financial Partners

  •       Ben Gen brought our genetic ancestry company online, and catapulted our growth with targeted consumer marketing and order process automation.
    Paul Yates, CEO, DNA Spectrum

  •       Ben Gen invested valuable capital and priceless technical expertise into my company. In two months, we created a fully integrated online marketing agency.
    Kyle Terry, CEO, Madrivo Media

  •       With Ben Gen's funding and international management talent, our telecom company is now a global player.
    Liviu Tanase, COO, AdNet Telecom

  •       From branding to packaging and online store design, Ben Gen took the same care with my organic skincare business as I do when making my products.
    Lenka Tinka, CEO, Male Skincare

  •       With Ben Gen's acclaimed technical expertise and transactional prowess, we transformed internal networking capabilities cost-effectively into colocation solutions, to optimize our clients' business-critical internet operations.
    Mircea Suciu, COO, Desert Colo